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Soothing aftersun care

Aloe Vera Gelly is pretty much what you get out of the middle of the plant, but in a handy tube. It’s brilliant for soothing all kinds of skin damage, including too much sun! And it will help reduce peeling so that you can keep your tan a bit longer. …

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Mister / Mystery

La baza dealului pe care e situat castelul Bran se afla aceasta usa. I saw this door at the foot of the hills where the Bran Castle (Drakula Castle) is placed. More about the Bran Castle here: www.brasovtravelguide.ro/en/brasov/surroundings/draculas-…

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Vanille Body-Butter für trockene Haut – wiewowasistgut.com

Hier habe ich wieder mal ein herrliches DIY und eine fantastische Geschenk-Idee: Vanille Body-Butter für trockene Haus. Aus Shea- und Kakaobutter und hochwertigen Ölen. Verhilft mir besonders nach dem Sommer zu ganz weicher Haut. Im Thermomix oder auch auf herkömmlichem Wege sehr schnell gemixt. Ich liebe DIY Kosmetik. #diy #kosmetik

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Monoprinting with Scrim

Monoprinting is a lovely technique that allows printmakers to be spontaneous, painterly and experimental. This simple monoprint project produces beautiful delicate prints using a piece of scrim and an etching press.  Begin with a piece of perpex, a plastic inking plate or a sheet of drypoint plastic. use masking tape t

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